Technical solutions for community showcases.

How it works


Define a clear strategy for your online services and customer engagement.


Engage our services to implement your projects on a timeline and within budget.


Engage our services to manage your program to meet and exceed goals.

Flexible Options

Hourly rates give you a flexible option. Just send in your request and get the work done. You can choose from any of the options below, including setup, configuration, backup, upgrade, or get a consultation, have custom design done, and even order complex custom functions for your theme.

Engage our professional services for your site management and maintenance so you can spend less time looking at settings and more time engaging your customers.

  • Setup a new single or multisite WordPress site on a new host.
  • Backup automatically for peace of mind and risk management.
  • Update WP and Plugin versions with a test site to eliminate surprises.
  • Migrate your site to a new host with better features and money saved.

Engage our professional graphic design services hourly or call us for a quote on your projects.

  • Icons for maps, apps, and sites to match your style.
  • Corporate Identify with logos, cards, and color schemes to communicate yourself.
  • Print Promotions with flyers and posters to launch your site.
  • Print Maps to offer new advertising space and services in town.

Professional review of your site to increase visitor happiness and site performance. You can spend more of your time adding listings and talking to your customers when you trust us with your technical site details.
Estimate 1 hour

Your new host might offer better automated backups, lower prices, and better performance. We can help you mov your site, configure your DNS, and setup your new hosting.
Estimate 2+ hours

GeoDirectory Services

GeoDirectory is an amazing open source directory for WordPress. The Geotourism Center uses GeoDirectory for our web projects, and we provide support for directory owners all over the world. You can choose from our fixed price options below, or flexible projects with affordable hourly  rates.

Choose any official GeoDirectory theme and we will set it up on your site to match the GeoDirectory demo. Service includes installation and configuration of theme and widgets settings as well as placeholder text to match the demo at .

Setup and configuration of GeoDirectory core plugin and selected addons with any theme. Includes installation, configuration of licensing and automatic updates, Payment Manager and Invoicing with Bank Transfer, Custom Post Type with 2 packages, and Social Importer for Facebook.

GeoDirectory has thousands of settings, but still it may not fit your vision exactly. Use the flexible work option above to hire us for your site customizations:

  • Address Display
  • Listing Bulk Data
  • Custom CSS Styles